Changelog for ShotHub

SHOTHUB – 20.05

Wed, 27 May 2020


  • Added: Livegrade Integration, online access to Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects
  • Added: Livegrade connection to automatically upload shot metadata including grading nodes information and thumbnails (optional)
  • Added: Shot libraries of multiple Livegrade desktop applications could be merged into one Livegrade cloud project
  • Added: Share Livegrade cloud projects with others by invitation
  • Added: Access shot information to retrieve looks via ShotHub directly from the Silverstack Lab desktop application
  • Added: Infinite Scrolling in both table list views: Livegrade Shot View and Silverstack Clip View


  • Fixed: Viewing Presets of Silverstack Clip Library are the same as in Silverstacks desktop application

SHOTHUB – 20.04

(Silverstack Cloud beta)

Wed, 22 April 2020


  • Added: Dark Theme Mode as an user option in the Pomfort account menu
  • Improved: Camera Statistics is now showing data and length summaries for either a folder, a media bin or the whole project
  • Improved List View: Choose table view presets or create custom layouts which can be saved, reloaded and shared with other users
  • Added: Collection View gives an visual overview of all clips with scalable thumbnails
  • Added: Full Image View to see all thumbnails in full screen mode
  • Added: Export Clips Reports based on presets or individual table layouts to select relevant metadata
  • Added: Choose if production info is part of the Shooting Day or Clips Report that is exported
  • Improved: Consistency of data formats transferred from Silverstack


  • Fixed: Add the column shot to the Silverstack Clip Library View
  • Fixed: Accept invitations to a cloud project is only possible when logged in with the Pomfort account