Roles in Teams and Projects

Having a dedicated team and project user roles with specific permissions enables multiple persons to manage teams and projects. Knowing the permissions of the user roles allow you to control access to the cloud projects so that only authorized users can change cloud project library information or manage a team or a project. Team- and project-level users can be involved as “members” or “admins.” While “members” simply contribute to the team’s project/s, “admins” have additional management rights.

Teams and projects are “hierarchically” ordered, which means everyone with a ShotHub user plan has a team technically. Users can invite others to join their team depending on the user plan. Being a member of a team is required to get a project role with permission to access and change the projects from the desktop applications Silverstack and Livegrade. For read-only access, being in a team is unnecessary, as web access can be granted by inviting others as External Users.

The graphic below shows all available user roles (with examples of the people they could get assigned to) and their respective relationships to the ShotHub team and ShotHub projects:


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