Team Management Settings

The Team Management Settings are accessible for all Plan Owners and Team Admins of a team. Please note that it depends on your user plan and your role in the team if all tabs of the Team Settings are accessible and usable. Some actions are only supported in the team plan as they do not make sense in a Pro or Free Plan. See also Roles in Teams and Projects to learn more about roles in teams and projects.

You can access the Team Settings either from the link on the dashboard or from the link in the user account menu on the right side. The Team Settings consist of the following tabs to manage your team.

  • Team Information shows Team Name and Team Logo. Plan Owners can edit the name and the logo depending on their user plan. Team plan owners can edit both fields; Pro plan owners only the name field.
  • Team Members gives an overview of all team members, their roles, and the projects they are in and allow new members to be invited to the team. By checking “Edit Members,” the roles of team members can be updated, or team members can be removed. Below, the table displays the team members, pending invitations, and the number of additional members that can be invited is displayed.
  • Projects lists all projects of the team and respective information as to type, last update time, and project members. By checking “Edit Projects,” additional actions are accessible, including archive/unarchive, deleting, or joining the project as administrator.
  • External Users shows External Users that are invited to any team project. The table also indicates the last login date and the tasks of each External user. By checking “Edit External Users,” the users can be removed from all projects in the team.
  • Plan Information displays the plan details and plans used for the team. That means plan type, expiry date, plan owner, and the number of members and projects included. The plan owner can access the Pomfort Account from there to adapt the user plan if required.

Team Settings showing Plan Information