Sample Projects

Each ShotHub cloud project is either managing, clip information from one or more Silverstack instances or shot information from one or more Livegrade instances. If  you don’t have access to a Pomfort’s desktop applications* to create a new project by uploading their shot or clip metadata, you can load the sample projects.

Dashboard with buttons to import sample projects


Importing the sample projects needs a few seconds to create a Silverstack and a Livegrade cloud project with libraries created in the respective desktop applications. In those libraries you can explore different viewing options, creating files to export metadata or grading information and invite others to test the collaboration options. The Silverstack sample project can even be synced with a Silverstack desktop application. Learn more: Sync Clip Library
In case one of the team members already imported the sample projects a the button shows “Join Sample Projects” so that you can make yourself a member of the cloud sample projects.

* Supported desktop applications: Silverstack, Silverstack Lab (version 7.0 or newer), Livegrade Pro or Studio (version 5.2 or newer)