Registering for Pomfort ShotHub

Pomfort ShotHub is a cloud-based service and web application to share and access production metadata of the camera department online. Pomfort ShotHub is currently still under development and is available as public beta.


During the public beta of Pomfort ShotHub, everyone with a Pomfort Account can sign in and use ShotHub with no further restrictions. With end of the beta period, we will offer both a free and a paid ShotHub plan.

If you already have a Pomfort Account, you can sign into Pomfort ShotHub using the same credentials at

If you don’t have a Pomfort Account yet, you first need to create one for free at

Learn more: Pomfort Account


In order to change the password of your Pomfort Account, please visit, sign out and use the password reset form to set a new password.

Supported desktop applications

All versions of Silverstack 7 (or higher) and Livegrade 5.2 (or higher).