Connect ShotHub to C2C

ShotHub allows linking Livegrade cloud projects to Camera to Cloud “C2C”. As soon as this connection is established, new looks saved in the connected desktop applications Livegrade Pro or Studio are automatically transferred as CDLs to the connected C2C project.

Create a Livegrade cloud project in ShotHub

Before linking ShotHub to C2C, the Livegrade desktop application should be connected with a Livegrade cloud project so that uploading looks to the ShotHub is automatically enabled. You can find a detailed description of the initial setup in this article:  Connect Livegrade to ShotHub

Connect the Livegrade cloud project with C2C 

Open your web browser to login into ShotHub with your Pomfort Account credentials. Choose the Livegrade cloud project that you want to link to a C2C project and open the project information panel that is accessible via the project info button [i] in the header bar. Next, click the button [Connect] to link the cloud project to After logging in to, ShotHub lets you select an account and project to establish a new connection for the look transfer.

Note: Please note, that only project admins of a ShotHub cloud project are authorised to set up the connection to while other project members only see the established connection.
Additionally, you should ensure that the project you want to connect with has enabled “C2C connections” in the project settings and that you have appropriate permissions to access the project.

Select account and project to connect with

When ShotHub is linked to a C2C project, every new or updated look saved in the look library of the Livegrade desktop application is automatically uploaded to ShotHub’s shot library and instantly transferred as CDL to the linked C2C project. The CDLs are named according to the “Clip Identifier” as specified in the Livegrade desktop application and sorted by date and project. (It’s possible to connect multiple Livegrade cloud projects to one C2C project to collect looks from different units.) C2C project with transferred CDLs

Some grading modes in Livegrade are not suitable for export as CDLs. Such looks will not transfer to  the C2C project. For more information, take a look at the Livegrade Knowledge base: Exporting look metadata.

Edit the link between the Livegrade cloud project and C2C 

If you want to edit the Livegrade cloud project from, access the project information panel a click on “…” right to the name of the connected C2C project to either disconnect it or update the connection by selecting the connection to another account and/or project.

Edit Connection in Project Information Screen

Note: In case the C2C connection was paused from the project you need to update the connection to make sure that the connection will be re-established after the C2C connection was resumed in Documentation

Please, also see’s documentation for Camera to Cloud: C2C: Camera to Cloud FAQs