Export Clip Library Metadata

You can export clip metadata from Silverstack cloud projects in the project view.

List Export: Create a CSV with metadata from items shown in the table

Create CSV files you can import into spreadsheet applications like Excel or Numbers or feed them into your custom scripts or software to process the data.
Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the table view and choose the item “Create CSV File…” to open the export dialog. Next, select one of the clip table layouts to define which columns are included, or apply your custom column layout to create the CSV file. Learn more about customizing and saving custom column layouts here: Customized Table View.

Export CSV with metadata from selected clips

Note: Exporting CSVs is not allowed in the Free plan or for External Users of any project.

Detail Export: Download metadata for one clip 

Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the right sidebar and choose one of the following options to create an ASC-CDL file or a CSV with dynamic metadata for the selected clip:

  • Create ASC-CDL: An ASC-CDL file of the clip’s look is created. By default, the downloaded ASC-CDL file has the same name as the clip.
  • Download Dynamic Metadata:¬†Creates a CSV file containing a frame count and all available dynamic metadata if available. Dynamic metadata is only available when the data is extracted in the connected Silverstack desktop application. (Only available in team plans)
Note: Not all grading modes are suitable to be exported as ASC-CDLs

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