Silverstack 8.7 Beta

Pomfort currently develops an update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab that offers support for Alexa 35 clips with custom color management looks, and much more.

What is new in this Beta of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab?

  • Support for ARRI ALEXA 35 clips with custom color management looks
  • Support for Sony Burano X-OCN footage [XT and LAB only]
  • Support for Blackmagic RAW footage from more cameras
  • Improved Ci Media Cloud upload speed [Lab only]
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and UI improvements


You can download Silverstack Lab 8.7 Beta through this link:

The library structure is compatible with the current release versions of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab (8.6.5). You can switch between the application versions easily.


Your feedback

We are happy for any feedback! Please send an e-mail to: