ARRI Alexa 35 Beta

Pomfort currently develops an update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab that offers support for the ARRI Alexa 35.

What is new in this Beta of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab?

 Update 2022-08-04: New version

  • Adds support for Alexa 35 ProRes Clips
  • Contains minor bug fixes and improvements

Alexa 35 ARRIRAW footage is supported:

  • Footage is recognized in offload/add clips wizard
  • Static metadata is extracted and used for processing if applicable (e.g. anamorphic)
  • AWG4/logC4 colors are displayed correctly
  • In-camera LUTs are extracted on ingest and displayed
  • Dynamic metadata can be extracted
  • Internal audio is supported
  • Uses latest ARRI SDKs: Image SDK 7.0.0 and MXF Lib

Current Limitations

  • Alexa 35 ARRIRAW:
    • Processing of HDE encoded MXFs unsupported (can only offload/ingest as generic files)
    • Inter-temporal dependencies unsupported (e.g. noise reduction)
    • Only few lens metadata extracted for clips shot with SUP 1.0.3_3
  • Alexa 35 ProRes footage (all flavors, such as ProRes 4444, XQ, 422HQ,…) unsupported support added with
  • Support for legacy ARRI cameras not fully tested

Download the latest Beta of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab

Please get the Silverstack /XT / Lab 8.2.x Alexa 35 Beta here:

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