Can’t find server in local network

Your mobile device must be in the same local wireless network as the computer running Reeltime Pro. Make sure your WiFi settings confirm that you are connected to the correct network.

Reeltime Pro must be running on the server’s machine. To add a stream you need to configure an output slot as “Local Streaming” so that it will show up as an available stream in the Reeltime Viewer app.

Stuttering or interrupted video

The quality and reliability of wireless networks heavily depend on your location and the environment between the device and the next WiFi base station. If you experience a bad stream quality with stuttering or interrupted images, try to change your position. You can ask your video playback operator to monitor the round-trip statistics of your connection in Reeltime Pro and, if necessary, reduce the stream’s target bitrate to adjust to a reduced wireless network capacity.

In Reeltime Pro you can also try to reduce the video bitrate of each stream If the wireless network itself or the frequency spectrum in general is too “crowded” (i.e., by too many clients or other transfers), the network may simply not be able to provide the necessary bandwidth for reliable video streaming. You should contact the person in charge of the wireless network setup for further troubleshooting.

I don’t hear audio

Streaming including audio is not yet supported.