Settings View

The settings view can be reached at any time from the main view by tapping “Settings” from the settings menu in the options panel.

Within the settings view you can connect to another Reeltime Pro server, reach the about panel with credits and acknowledgements and open the app’s homepage.

The “Available Servers” tab within the settings view opens up automatically if you have not connected to any server yet. The window lists all Reeltime Pro servers available in the local network. When connecting to a server for the first time, you must enter the server’s local streaming password provided to you by the video playback operator (see the local streaming settings in Reeltime Pro). 

  • A green antenna icon in the server’s tab indicates a connected server.
  • A red strike-through antenna icon indicates a disconnected server.
  • A red strike-through key icon indicates a wrong password.

Available servers in the settings view

If a server is not connected, there may be various reasons:

  • Reeltime Pro is currently not running on the server’s machine
  • You are no longer in the same network as the server
  • Your network connection is insufficient (e.g., due to a low/unstable wifi-signal)
  • The server’s local streaming password was entered incorrectly or has been changed

Once a server is connected successfully, all the local streams from the server are available as streams to choose from within the main view.