Main View

The main view is the primary UI of the Reeltime Viewer app and lets you view the available local streams in various layouts. You can configure a screen layout with 1, 2, 3 or 4 viewers. Each viewer can display a local stream from a connected Reeltime Pro server. 

Main view with a four-viewer screen layout and docked metadata view

An “options panel” provides access to all options available within the viewers and consists of the following elements:

Options panel

  • Slot mode indicator
    • Indicates if the received signal derives from a Live, Playback, or Reference slot mode
  • Stream name
    • Derives from the output slot name in Reeltime Pro
  • Configured source slot
    • Displays the stream’s currently configured source slot in Reeltime Pro
  • Slate info / clip name label
    • Displays the current signal’s slate information (scene / shot / take) or clip name
    • When tapping onto the info label the info toggles between slate info and clip name
  • Timecode label
    • Displays the current signal’s timecode
  • Options panel (overlay)/Metadata view (docked)
    • Toggles the options panel to display it as
      • temporary overlay for each window when tapping on the window
      • constantly docked metadata view below all windows
  • Settings menu 
    • The settings menu opens when tapping the ellipsis button and lets you
      • choose the source for the current window from all available streams
        • the stream names derive from the output slot names in Reeltime Pro
        • choose “Empty” if you would like to remove a stream source from a monitor window
      • change the “Screen Layout” (1 / 2 / 3 / 4)
        • 1: 1×1 view
        • 2: 2×1 view (landscape mode) or 1×2 view (portrait mode)
        • 3: 3×1 view (landscape mode) or 1×3 view (portrait mode)
        • 4: 2×2 view
      • go to the “Settings” to open the “Available Servers” window or the “About” panel

Tip: Reeltime Viewer is compatible with the iPadOS multitasking feature so that you can open multiple windows, and create a split view or slide over view of multiple windows.