Changelog for Reeltime Pro

Reeltime Pro - 1.0.1

Fri, 08 Mar 2024


  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, the trial period was shorter than 10 days after upgrading from the beta version
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Reeltime Pro - 1.0

Wed, 6 Mar 2024

Reeltime Pro version 1 is available now!

Important Note: The beta version of Reeltime Pro will expire on March 15th, 2024.

You can now upgrade to Reeltime Pro v1 and continue testing with a 10-day free trial version. Please note that the trial version adds watermarks to all output signals and recorded clips.

To continue working without limitations head to the Pomfort Store to get your first license.

Your existing projects will continue to work with both the trial and full version of Reeltime Pro.

We are grateful for your invaluable feedback during the beta testing! Your insights have played a crucial role in helping us enhance the overall user experience and functionality.

Thank you!

Reeltime Pro - 0.8.0

Fri, 23 Feb 2024


  • Added: Audio settings allow selecting multiple audio input devices and mixing their channels with relative volumes into one dual-mono audio output signal
  • Improved: The audio output device can be configured dynamically in the system sound settings (without a restart of the application)
  • Added: Support for higher framerate video formats (up to 60 fps) with supported video I/O devices
  • Added: Support for PsF video signals with Blackmagic video I/O devices
  • Added: Library settings allow choosing between naming schemes for the clip identifier and the file names of recorded clips
  • Added: A “Load Selected Clip Into New Library Slot” menu item and controller action allows loading the selected shot into a new library slot
  • Added: Custom reset values for slate info fields available in slating settings
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and UI improvements

Reeltime Pro - 0.7.2

Tue, 06 Feb 2024


  • Added: Support for AJA Io X3


  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, slot manager would erroneously display "Could not set requested videoformat"

Reeltime Pro - 0.7.1

Mon, 05 Feb 2024


  • Added: Decoding levels selection for SDI inputs


  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, local streaming outputs could cause frame drops in recordings

Reeltime Pro - 0.7.0

Fri, 02 Feb 2024


  • Added: Local streaming to companion apps through output slots — check out the beta versions of companion apps on
  • Added: Choose record format from a range of ProRes codecs
  • Improved: Recording robustness
  • Improved: Simplified crop filter — now also available in output slots
  • Added: Adjust swipe ratio by dragging the divider with the mouse


  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, unexpectedly stopped recordings did not appear in the clip library
  • Fixed: Take field did not increase automatically if only one camera was configured/armed
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Reeltime Pro - 0.6.3

Mon, 29 Jan 2024


  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

Reeltime Pro - 0.6.2

Wed, 24 Jan 2024


  • Improved: Automatically expand relevant slot section when switching from multi-view to main view window layout


  • Fixed: Incorrect "RecRun" auto record trigger behavior
  • Fixed: Incorrect playhead position when loading group recordings via skimming
  • Fixed: Crash when using nested record folders
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Reeltime Pro - 0.6.1

Wed, 20 Dec 2023


  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts mapping didn't work for certain menu items

Reeltime Pro - 0.6.0

Thu, 14 Dec 2023


  • Added: Ability to rename projects
  • Added: Filter settings can be copied/pasted between all slot types
  • Added: Menu item for removing all filter settings from the selected slot
  • Added: Context menu in clip library for creating/deleting folders and bins
  • Improved: Streamlined slot manager UI with lock function
  • Improved: Clip library can be resized more freely


  • Fixed: Sporadic crash during playback
  • Fixed: Crash due to non-unique clip identifiers
  • Fixed: Misaligned in/out points in group recordings with different start times
  • Fixed: Couldn't load group recordings with more than one clip per slot
  • Fixed: Differing color reproduction of the internal viewer (compared to Silverstack/Livegrade)
  • Fixed: Non-functional auto record in single-slot configurations
  • Fixed: Unintended folder/smart group selection when switching between library slots
  • Fixed: Left/right arrow keys not working when focus is on a text field
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Reeltime Pro - 0.5.1

Fri, 01 Dec 2023


  • Fixed: Crashes on systems without built-in microphone

Reeltime Pro - 0.5.0

Tue, 28 Nov 2023


  • Reeltime Pro Beta Release



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