Setting up an Internet Stream With Sony Ci Media Cloud

To set up an internet stream via Sony Ci Media Cloud, you first need to create a live stream on the service’s platform. For more information, please refer to Sony Ci Media Cloud’s documentation.

Once your live stream is created, you can configure the internet stream in the output slots:

  • Open the slot manager and add an output slot in the “Output” tab,
  • Select “Internet Stream” under “Device” and name the output slot as desired,
  • Choose “Sony Ci Media Cloud” and fill in the live stream information you can copy from the platform’s interface.

Output slot with Sony Ci Media Cloud internet streaming configuration

You can configure the stream’s resolution, framerate, and target bitrate to optimize them according to your production’s requirements and the technical conditions on set.

Note: The video stream includes the application’s main audio, which is currently audible. Hence, you may need to unmute the live audio to send a stream with audio.