Setting up a Hardware-Based Internet Stream With Sohonet Clearview Flex

To set up an internet stream with Sohonet ClearView Flex, you configure the stream via an SDI output port of a video I/O device connected to your machine. Then, you connect the SDI output port to an SDI input port of a compatible hardware device by the manufacturer. Please refer to Teradek TV’s documentation for more information.

Once your hardware is connected appropriately, you can configure the internet stream via Sohonet ClearView Flex in the output slots:

  • Open the slot manager and add an output slot in the “Output” tab,
  • Choose “Internet Stream” under “Device”,
  • Choose “Sohonet ClearView Flex” and configure the stream via an SDI output device.

Output slot with Sohonet ClearView Flex configuration

Note: For some video I/O devices, you cannot choose a video format for the output ports if the device’s input ports are already configured to a specific video format.