Projects and Media Management

Reeltime Pro allows managing your shoots in separate projects. Each project has its own clip library that stores all clips you record during your shoot with all clip-based or global metadata you applied. Furthermore, each project has an individual media management (with project-dependent media folders and record folder).

Note: The slot and device configuration is a global setting and, hence, not based on the project.

Project Management

Using the “Projects” toolbar button, you can

  • create a new project via a “Create Project” window,
  • switch to an existing project via a “Manage Project” window,
  • or rename the current project


Project-dependent Media Management

Media files recorded within Reeltime Pro are stored in a designated “Media Folder”. Each project uses one media folder as the current “Record Folder.” When you import create new recordings or import movies, the corresponding media files are saved into the currently set record folder.

Media folders and the current record folder are project-depending settings. Consequently, it makes sense to use a separate media folder/record folder for each project.

You can set the record folder when creating a new project or change the record folder in the “Recording” settings. The default parent directory for project Media is “Reeltime Media” in ~/Movies.

Unique media folder references and media status

Each media folder contains a JSON file holding a UUID for unambiguously referencing.

Note: Reeltime Pro detects a media folder by reading the UUID stored in the JSON file of the folder. Make sure that the corresponding JSON file always remains in its media folder. 

Multiple media folders

You can add multiple media folders to the same project. In the media folders table of your project’s recording settings you can add and remove media folders. One media folder can be made the current record folder. You can remove all media folders with the exception of the currently set record folder.

Note: When adding a media folder from another project to your project’s recording preferences and you delete shots and the associated media files within one of the projects, the files will be offline in both projects

Handling media files

  • Delete Clips: When deleting clips, you will also delete the associated media file.
  • Reveal In Finder:  A “Reveal In Finder” item in the contextual menu of the clip library lets you quickly reveal the associated media file of a selected clip in its media folder in the Finder.