Create Tailored Views With Video Filters

In addition to Reeltime Pro’s composite features (available in composite slots and the reference mode of input slots), you can choose from various video filters to create tailored views for the different watching roles on set. For example, the Director my prefer a clean image where the camera’s metadata HUD is cropped, while for Script/Continuity seeing the camera’s metadata is essential and in addition they would like to see a metadata overlay with the camera name and the slate info. You can flexibly add filters to your slots to serve everyone’s needs.

Tip: Consider if it makes sense to apply a filter to an input slot or an output slot. For example, if you want to ensure that everyone sees a look from a LUT filter, you can apply the filter to the input slot. However, if only some watchers want to see metadata overlays, apply the metadata overlay filter individually per output slot.

  • Available Filters: The application provides the following filters for input slots, library slots, or output slots:
    • Crop with offset and rotation parameters and an auto-detection to crop out the black-bordered status info from a camera HUD
    • Flip for flipping the image horizontally/vertically
    • Image Overlay with offset, scale, and opacity parameters, (e.g., for adding a logo or watermark)
    • Metadata Overlay with parameters for the metadata fields Camera, Slate Info, Slot Mode (Playback/Live), Clip Name, and Timecode
    • LUT for loading a 3D LUT in a .cube format (e.g., for applying a look if you receive an ungraded signal)

Tailored views configured with individual filters per output slots

  • Filter Settings:
    • You can inspect and edit filter settings in the settings tab of each slot
    • There are consistent layout options in composite slots and the reference mode of input slots (Side-by-Side, Swipe, Overlay)
    • Filter settings of all currently connected slots are accumulated (for example, an output slot shows filter settings for itself but also for the connected input slot(s) under “Related Filter Settings”).
    • Dedicated menu items and controller actions allow you to copy and paste filters and their settings between slots or remove all filters from the selected slot

Configured filter settings with crop and image overlay filter