Connecting to a Reeltime Pro server

Reeltime Viewer receives its streams through the local network. Hence, you must connect to the same network as the machine at the video playback station running Reeltime Pro.

Once you’ve installed the app and connected to the local network, you can open the app. A dialog lists the Reeltime Pro servers available in your network. Tap on the server you would like to connect to. Enter the server’s local streaming password that is provided to you by the video playback operator.

If you’ve successfully connected to the server, you can head to the monitor windows page and choose from the available streams.

Note: A machine running the Reeltime Pro application acts as a local streaming server, while a mobile device running the Reeltime Viewer app acts as a client. If there is more than one machine running Reeltime Pro within the same network, you can also connect to multiple servers and receive and view streams from all connected servers simultaneously.

The settings view with the “Available Servers” tab can be reached at any time from the main view by tapping “Settings” from the settings menu in teh options panel.

Within the settings view you can connect to another Reeltime Pro server, reach the about panel with credits and acknowledgements and open the app’s homepage.