Multiple Window Layouts

Reeltime Pro has multiple window layouts, each providing different UI elements optimized for typical activities and common setups.

  • The “Main View” window layout allows access to all components in the application, such as
    • the slot column with sections for input slots, library slots, composite slots, and output slots,
    • the “Main Viewer” with recording and playback controls for the currently selected slot,
    • the global metadata,
    • and the clip library

Main View window layout

  • The “Multi View” window layouts are designed to allow viewing and controlling multiple slots simultaneously and provide viewers with controls for all active slots based on the slot types:
    • Input slots (multi view)
    • Library slots (multi view)
    • Output slots (multi view)

Tip: The multi view layouts are optimized to view all your camera feeds simultaneously, also if you work on a small screen, and you do not have a dedicated SDI monitor at your workstation

Multi view layouts automatically adapt their sizing and grid layout depending on the number of configured slots. The multi view layouts can display up to 3×3 (9 slots).

The global metadata panel in the multi view layouts works similarly to the global metadata panel in the main view layout but uses a horizontal layout with larger text boxes. You can increase the values in a text box with the arrow up/down keys and navigate back and forth between fields with a tab or shift tab.

Multi View window layout with two input slots

A picker in the toolbar and associated Stream Deck controller actions let you quickly switch between window layouts.

Stream Deck actions allow switching between window layouts