visionOS Tips for Reeltime Cinema

In this article, we collected a few tips and tricks on how to best use the features of visionOS with the Reeltime Cinema app.

Moving windows

You can move windows around by holding the white bar below each monitor window. If the dot is not visible, tap the window first.

You can move windows in all directions, also above and below you, and closer or further away.

visionOS always positions the windows facing you. If you want to position two windows side-by-side in one plane, you need to move slightly to the side to place the windows to align, for example, to a physical wall.

Closing windows

You can close each window by tapping the white dot below each window. If the dot is not visible, tap the window first.

Hiding other apps’ windows

You can hide all other apps’ windows by long-tapping the white dot below the monitor window. If the dot is not visible, tap the window first.

Resizing windows

You can resize each window by looking at one of the bottom corners of each window. A rounded white handle appears that can be used to resize the window.

Re-center windows

If you are moving around in the physical space of the film set or turning to a new focus direction, you can reposition all windows by pressing and holding the digital crown on the device. This is a system feature of visionOS that will fetch all open windows, also from other applications.

Position of windows after leaving immersion

Unfortunately, when leaving the immersive cinema, the window positions are not restored (window sizes are restored). Instead, the windows are stacked behind each other. That is a current limitation of visionOS. You simply reposition the windows by moving them to their new place.

Mix with other apps

Monitor windows can be placed among other windows. So you can place other apps’ windows showing the shooting schedule, the script, or other information besides your virtual monitors.

Reeltime Cinema is in the background

If the app is in the background (i.e., no windows of the app are visible anymore), simply press the digital crown to show visionOS’s home view and tap the app icon of Reeltime Cinema once again.

Force quit the app

You can show a macOS-style force quit dialog listing all running apps by holding down both buttons on the device.