Immersive Cinema

Reeltime Cinema features an immersive cinema that allows distraction-free review and monitoring.

Note: The immersive cinema is intended to be used stationary, so please place yourself in a safe environment before entering the immersive cinema.

The immersive cinema puts you in a dark cinema room with a large screen in front of you. The spatial experience is supported by slight reflections of the screen image on the floor and interior.

Cinema screen panel

When you look at the screen and pinch, the cinema screen panel will appear.

Immersive cinema showing the cinema screen panel

In the cinema screen panel, you can

  • select a different source stream for that monitor window in the source selection panel by tapping the source row showing the current source,
  • open the cinema options panel by tapping the ellipsis button and
  • leave the immersive cinema by tapping the arrow button on the right of the panel.

You can open the server dialog by tapping the “Configure Servers” button in the source selection panel available by tapping on the source row.

When the cinema screen panel is shown, there is also an arrow button shown in the top-left corner of the screen that also lets you leave the immersive cinema.

Cinema options panel

The cinema option panel opens when you click on the ellipsis button in the cinema screen panel.

You have the following options:

  • Show Stream Info: Enable and disable the metadata bar above the screen.
  • Viewing Position: You can change the distance of the screen from near (default) to a position further away from the screen.

The panels shown on the cinema windows fade away automatically after a certain time of inactivity. You can also tap on the screen to make any panel disappear immediately.

You can navigate back to the cinema screen panel from the other panels by tapping the “<” button in the top row of the panels.

Note: In immersive cinema, you cannot view any of visionOS’s windows, not the monitor windows of Reeltime Cinema, nor other apps’ windows. This is a convention by visionOS.