Getting Started with Reeltime Cinema

Reeltime Cinema is a companion app for Pomfort’s professional on-set playback system, Reeltime Pro. It extends Reeltime Pro’s options for monitoring video on physical monitors to viewing it on virtual screens with Apple Vision Pro.

The Reeltime Cinema app is natively built for the capabilities of visionOS, Apple’s spatial computing-based operating system for Apple Vision Pro. It applies visionOS’s concepts to enable high-quality and customizable monitoring scenarios, and this creates new possibilities for creative work and interaction on the film set.


You can download Reeltime Cinema for free on the App Store.

System Requirements: The app is built for Apple Vision Pro running visionOS 1.x.

Connecting to a Reeltime Pro server

Reeltime Cinema receives its streams through the local wireless network. Hence, you must be connected to the same network as the computer at the video playback station running Reeltime Pro.

Please see the article Distributing Local Streams for Companion Apps for more information about configuring Reeltime Pro.

Once you’ve installed the app and connected to the local wireless network, you can open the app. The server connection dialog lists the Reeltime Pro “servers” available in your network. Tap on the server you would like to connect to.

Selecting a Reeltime Pro “server” from the server dialog

Enter the server’s local streaming password that is provided to you by the video playback operator.

The server dialog can be reached anytime by tapping the “Configure Servers” button in the source selection panel available from the monitor screen panel and the cinema screen panel by tapping on the source row.

From the server dialog, you can connect to another Reeltime Pro server. Reach the about panel with credits and acknowledgements and open the app’s homepage.

For troubleshooting network issues, please see the article Troubleshooting.

When you are successfully connected to the server, the app automatically opens a first window and selects one of the available streams. You can choose a different stream from the list for that first monitor.

You can use the Reeltime Cinema app for different purposes. A few examples are listed below:

  • Personal video village: Use multiple monitor windows and arrange them to your personal monitoring needs. See the article Monitor windows for more information.
  • Mobile monitoring: Move monitor windows with you in the physical space on set while interacting with the scene and actors. See the article Monitor windows for more information.
  • Distraction-free Cinema: Enter an immersive review cinema for viewing playback of recorded clips or live streams in a distraction-free and focused environment. See Immersive Cinema for more information.

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