Single, false-color frames with filters in FCP-X

Since FCP-X 10.0.6 some of Pomfort’s FxPlugs can create single false-color images on some machines during rendering. The problem doesn’t appear during playback of not pre- rendered clips. Not all machines are affected, and only machines with FCP-X 10.0.7 and below.

!! Currently we strongly recommend to update to FCP-X 10.0.8 !!

The problem is solved please update to Final Cut 10.0.8  if you have single frame issues, please see the samples in this article bellow.

Affected products:

Products by Pomfort that might be affected:

  • DSLRLog2Video
  • AlexaLook2Video
  • SLog2Video



A screenshot of such a false-color full frame is shown below. A “normal” image would be expected, but FCP-X shows a rendered false-color image.


The effect can be full-screen or quarter-screen depending on the used hardware. In case you are experiencing problems with quarter frames please update your Final Cut then.


Detailed description:
After background rendering of clips with FxPlug-based filters applied, of the clip shows some single false-color frames when using older versions of FinalCut like 10.0.6 or 10.0.7. Such frames appear randomly once about every half minute of material.

It has been observed, that during some FCP-X sessions on the same machine the problem occurs, while after a restart of FCP-X the problem might disappear or re-appear.

The problem has been seen on a wide variety of Macs such as MacMinis, MacPros, MacBook Pros and iMacs, but not every machine seems to be affected.

We could trace down the problem to the inner frameworks of Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 in our lab and detected that it can even occur with sample code FxPlugs provided by Apple itself.

We also heard about other vendors’ plugins (ones that are based on the FxPlug SDK) that are affected as well using older versions of FinalCut. So please make sure to use the latest FinalCut version available here.



Before installing a new version follow the best practices for updating”:

This support document describes how to perform the necessary backups to be able to go back to FCP-X version if a problem occurs.