ARRI Log C processing within FinalCut X

Since FinalCut 10.0.8. a Rec709 Look is applied automatically to give the editor the ability and convenience to work with a more colourful image and not with de-saturated  flat images. However this option is not always requested especially if you work with the Alexa Grading Mode and use our powerful plugin tool AlexaLook2Video.

To Turn a clip’s ARRI Log C processing on or off in FinalCut simply follow these steps:

  1. Select a clip recorded with the ARRI Alexa camera Log C option.
  2. To open the Info inspector, click the Inspector button in the toolbar (shown below), and click the Info button at the top of the pane that appears.Inspector button
  3. In the Info inspector, choose Settings View from the Metadata View pop-up menu.
  4. To turn Log C processing on or off, select or deselect the Log Processing checkbox.


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.09.50 PM

Figure 1: “Sequence REC 709”

Figure 1: "Sequence LOG-C"

Figure 2: “Sequence LOG-C”