Changelog for Offload Manager

Offload Manager - 1.5.1

Wed, 04 Oct 2023


  • New: Ready for macOS 14 "Sonoma"
  • Changed: Marked macOS 11 deprecated
    You can continue working on macOS 11 with this release, but support will be removed in one of the next releases.


  • Fixed: Long scanning times for some MP4 files (e.g., XAVC S) in offload wizard
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Offload Manager - 1.5

Mon, 15 May 2023


  • New: ASC MHL hash manifest histories
    Activate in "Copy & Job"-preferences to create or continue ASC MHL histories
  • New: More checksum methods available
    Added C4ID, XXH3, XXH128 algorithms. Also renamed "XXHASH64BE" → XXH64BE in reports
  • Improved: Clip detection and metadata extraction
    E.g., support for Alexa 35 (non-HDE) clips
  • Improved: Codex VFS scanning
    Checked for complete initialization before starting offload wizard
  • Improved: Verification performance
    Platform-specific optimizations for M1 systems; Faster file size check methods; Volume-specific optimizations


  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and UI improvements from recent Silverstack products

Offload Manager - 1.4

Mon, 13 Jun 2022


  • New: Fully native on M1 systems
  • New: Option to show de facto speed for offloads
    Shows speed of slowest drive rather than sum of speeds when copying to multiple destinations
  • Removed: "Unknown macOS version" alert for latest macOS versions
    Also introduced "Don't show again" option for upcoming unknown versions
  • Updated: Chinese user interface


  • Fixed: Using Tangent panels lead to crash
  • Fixed: HDE offloads did not update estimated to actual size after offload
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and UI improvements from recent Silverstack products

Offload Manager - 1.3

Thu, 22 Apr 2021


  • Added: Support for Macs with Apple Silicon (M1)
  • Changes from recent Silverstack product updates


  • Fixes from recent Silverstack product updates

Offload Manager - 1.2.2

Thu, 04 Feb 2021


  • Prepared for macOS 11 Big Sur

Offload Manager - 1.2.1

Tue, 12 Jan 2021


  • Fixed: Duplicate identifier alert showed on macOS 10.16 due to volumes also mounting at other paths than "/Volumes"
  • Fixed: Crash when reading certain MXF files

Offload Manager - 1.2

Wed, 15 Apr 2020


  • Added: Enhanced reports dialog
    Includes simultaneous export of both report types and more report options
  • Added: Earlier Notice of Failed Files - failed tasks for a running offload will now be clearly indicated with yellow progress bar
  • Added: More transparent display of error causes - get details about more error causes directly in the job details view.
  • Improved: Jobs details - clearer job state display in job details view for better overview.
  • Added: Create MHL File for Failed Jobs - possibility to create Media Hash List (.mhl) files for failed and cancelled job
  • Added: Support for RED Komodo clips (with RED SDK 7.2.1)
  • Added: "Total" line in "Source Folders" summary for offloads report
  • Additional improvements from recent Silverstack product updates


  • Fixed: Creating report for group with "File Size Check Only" verification was not possible
  • Fixed: "Create Report..." in gear menu for offload could be erroneously disabled
  • Fixed: CSV exports could get empty "Verification State" column
  • Fixed: Offload could remain in waiting state when previous running offload was cancelled
  • Additional fixes from recent Silverstack product updates

Offload Manager - 1.1.1

Thu, 10 Oct 2019


  • Prepared for macOS Catalina 10.15

Offload Manager - 1.1

Wed, 15 May 2019


  • Added: Parallel offloading from multiple sources
    Run two or more offload jobs in parallel
  • Added: Support for Blackmagic RAW (.braw)
  • Added: Support for Codex HDE ARRIRAW files (.arx)
  • Added: Support for Panasonic EVA1 HEVC clips
  • Added: Copy and paste path wildcards between copy destinations in offload and backup wizards
  • Added: Select from recently used path wildcards in offload wizard's path wildcards panel
  • Added: Custom naming schemes for report names with metadata wildcards
  • Improved: Renaming "FPS" to "Project FPS" in reports column to be more precise


  • Fixed: Verification speed for file sequences in jobs panel could show "0"
  • Additional improvements and fixes from recent Silverstack product updates

Offload Manager - 1.0.2

Wed, 05 Dec 2018


  • Added: Adjustments to work together with the new CODEX Device Manager

Offload Manager - 1.0.1

Tue, 30 Oct 2018


  • Fixed: Verification of empty folders failed in trial mode
  • Fixed: Prohibit writing to unsupported destination volumes (such as LTFS / LTO volumes)



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