Still Library

LiveGrade Air offers overall library features, that help filmmakers to store and to organize their stills so that they can easily recall them for comparison with other looks.


Library panel access

Stills are the containers of the images and their looks. They can be imported from multiple sources, and exported to be shared. When a still is loaded, the user can modify its look and compare it with other stills. The looks are automatically saved when opening the library panel or when loading a new still into the grading tab.



Still actions

figure 6: still actions

figure 1: still actions

When selecting a still, a pop up menu will appear. The different options available are:

  • Load Still: LiveGrade Air load the image into the grading tab to be used to create a look.
  • Apply Look only: it applies the look of the selected still into the currently graded image.
  • Duplicate Still: it creates a copy of the still.
  • Edit Metadata: lets the user add useful metadata to the selected still (figure 2)
  • Delete Still
figure 5: still metadata editing

figure 2: still metadata editing



Multi selection actions

figure 1: multiple still selection

figure 3: multiple still selection

In order to select multiple stills from the Library panel, tap on the «Select» button and then choose the desired images. Once different stills are selected, some options will be enabled:

figure 2: moving grades to a different grade group

figure 4: moving grades to a different grade group

  • Apply the current look to the selected stills:
figure 3: applying a grade simultaneously to multiple images

figure 5: applying a grade simultaneously to multiple images