LiveGrade Air – Getting Started

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The free iOS App for professional look creation.




LiveGrade Air gives DOPs and DITs the freedom to create and visualize their color ideas in preparation for their next shooting day by just using an iPad or iPhone. The new app gives film professionals greater creative control over their images and allows them to easily communicate colors and ideas to the entire production team.


What do you need?

An iOS device with iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Some in-app purchases may require 3rd party hardware.


User Interface

LiveGrade Air enables a very simple and intuitive way of working on colors: To change a look it just needs swiping on the display. For the most convenient grading experience it is possible to choose between two different innovative multi-touch grading controls: The „Basic Controls“ or the „Color Wheels“.

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Still Library

The still library offers easy options to store and organize graded stills in projects and groups so that they can be recalled for comparison with other looks. Additionally also the metadata of stills can be stored in the library.

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Import Stills into LiveGrade

LiveGrade Air lets you import images from a DSLR, an iPhone or stills from all kind of digital motion picture cameras. The supported formats to be imported into LiveGrade Air are:

  • 3D LUT files: .cube LUT (33x33x33 and 17x17x17 sizes)
  • ASC-CDL files (.cdl)
  • Image files: .jpeg, .tiff and .png
  • LiveGrade Air Package files (.lgapkg)
  • .zip files (can contain multiple supported files)

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Exporting Stills and Looks

LiveGrade Air covers a wide range of possible color management workflows with comprehensive import and export capabilities. Images can be imported as JPG, TIFF or ASC-CDL file. Stills shot in log mode can easily be displayed in Rec.709.

Created looks can be exported as JPG or as ASC-CDL file. To export multiple looks at once there is a multi-export provided. All these far-reaching possibilities enable an effective communication on set and in post production.

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For additional details, please check out our Knowledge Base.