Import Stills into LiveGrade Air

LiveGrade Air lets you import images from a DSLR, an iPhone or stills from all kind of digital motion picture cameras.The supported formats to be imported into LiveGrade Air are:

  • 3D LUT files: .cube LUT (33x33x33 and 17x17x17 sizes)
  • ASC-CDL files (.cdl)
  • Image files: .jpeg, .tiff and .png
  • LiveGrade Air Package files (.lgapkg)
  • .zip files (can contain multiple supported files)

In order to import a still, go to the Library panel and tap on the «Import» button as shown in figure 1:

figure 1: grade import menu

figure 1: grade import menu

Images and looks can be imported from the iOS Camera Roll, Dropbox folders or opened from another app via the «Open in…» option.


iTunes drag&drop import

Additionally, LiveGrade Air can import files though iTunes File Sharing feature (figure 2). The files dragged there are loaded when the app is launched and added directly to the Library panel as new stills.


figure: iTunes grade importing

figure 2: iTunes grade importing