Panasonic Varicam Look Control

LiveGrade Air offers an in-app purchase bundle that allows the integration with the Panasonic Varicam 35 camera. With this bundle you can send CDL values via a wireless connection to be applied on the live image and in-camera recordings.

figure 1: Varicam Look Control in-app purchase

figure 1: Varicam Look Control in-app purchase


Setting up the Varicam camera


Panasonic VariCamV4

Panasonic Varicam 35


In order to receive look information from LiveGrade Air, the Varicam needs to have a working wireless network connection with the iPad or iPhone where LiveGrade is running on. You also have to set the V.709 LUT in the camera get log to video conversion.

The details on how to prepare the camera settings can be found here:

Sending looks to Panasonic Varicam


Setting up LiveGrade Air

To control the camera you can add a Varicam tab by clicking on the top right button in the grading screen:



figure 2: adding a tab


Then click on the «+» button to add the tab:

figure 2: adding a Varicam Control tab

figure 3: adding a Varicam Control tab


LiveGrade Air then asks you to enter the camera’s IP address and login information:

figure 3: Varicam network details

figure 4: Varicam network details


Controlling the looks on the Varicam

Once the setup is complete you can start grading the camera live signal using LiveGrade Air. You may want to switch to the «Color Wheels» mode in the Varicam tab to get direct CDL controls. LiveGrade Air doesn’t show an image while controlling the camera but you can switch to a Library tab to grade loaded still images at any time.