The Look Library

The library in LiveGrade v3 can contain looks and still images or clips with a look applied. All the items in the clip library can be stored in different folders.

The looks can be exported to be used along the post production workflow. Stills or frame grabs and clips can be used as a reference for new grades or just to modify and fine tune already existing looks. Many use cases are covered by the new «Slots mode» and «Clip mode».


figure 1: clip Library overview

figure 1: clip Library overview


The library in LiveGrade can contain these kinds of items:

  • Looks: these contain a color grade that can be exported
  • Clips: movie recordings with metadata and a look applied.
  • Stills: still images with a look applied.

LiveGrade Pro allows to link slots and sync image processing nodes between slots. Thus it is possible to build two independent processing chains that can contain unique as well as shared processing steps. The basic idea of the Linked Looks feature is to control two slots at the same time. All the details on how to create and export them are in the article Linked Looks in LiveGrade Pro.


Keeping your grades organized in LiveGrade is easy with the Grade Library. These are the main parts:



Projects can be named to display the name on the top of the UI.


figure 2: Manage Projects popup

figure 2: Manage Projects popup



Grade Folders are the items which directly store grades. You can create them with the «+» button and remove them with a right click and then select «Delete…».


figure 2: Manage Projects popup

figure 2: Manage Projects popup


Main Library panel

figure 3: library panel

figure 3: library panel

Here you can manage the grades individually: name them, add a description, camera, scene… and more information which help in their identification and post production matching. You can use the Search box to easily find a certain grade in your LiveGrade project library.

To choose choose which information fields are shown in the Grade Library, click on the gear button in the bottom right corner:

figure 4: available grade information fields

figure 4: available grade information fields


Load and Save grades

It’s possible to load ASC-CDL grades and ALEXA Looks created with a different software into LiveGrade’s library. To get a closer look on how to use them, please check the following articles:


New Look, Apply, Update and Open buttons

figure 5: Create, Update and Apply

figure 5: Create, Update and Apply


  • The New Look button saves the current color and 3D LUT settings into a new library look.
  • Apply takes the currently selected grade from the library and puts it into the selected Device Slot.
  • The Update button takes the current color settings and applies them to the selected look on the library. It’s also possible to update multiple selected looks.
  • The Open button launches the Image Viewer and displays the saved still with the selected look applied.

The metadata information added to the grades can be used to name exported grades with wildcards or to export grades to Scratch via ALE. In addition, you can export a Look Report as a PDF document to communicate your grades to the rest of the team.

These UI items are different when switching between the Slots and Clips view modes. You can take a look at the differences between both modes in the article Slots and Clip modes.

Locked looks

Additionally, you can prevent the accidental modification of looks by locking them. In order to lock any look, just select it and navigate to Project>Lock Selected Looks. Then the looks will show a padlock sign in the library. It’s possible to lock/unlock the looks by clicking on the padlock icon.

figure : Locked looks

figure : Locked looks


Update Look and Replace Image

It is possible to update a Look or Still in the Library and simultaneously replace the still image that is associated with the look.

The functionality can be accessed through the Main Menu. Select “Project > Update select Look and Replace Image” or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + U:

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 13.30.33

Figure 6: Update selected Look and Replace Image


However updating the still image of a Look in the Library is not possible or meaningful in some combinations. The following table will show you which Look types can be updated:

Update to…


Still Movie Pre-Graded Still Pre-Graded Movie
Currently… Look  Possible Not possible Possible Not possible
Still Possible Not possible Possible Not possible
Movie Not possible Not possible Not possible Not possible
Pre-Graded Still Possible Not possible Possible Not possible
Pre-Graded Movie Not possible Not possible Not possible  Not possible




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