IS-Mini not Found: Codex Live Beta Blocking IS-Mini

It occurs that the Codex Live software that currently is in beta state blocks the Fujifilm IS-Mini in a way that it can not be used anymore in Livegrade. We are in contact with Codex about that problem and they promised to avoid it as soon as possible but at least in any case for the final release.

Codex also included a script for uninstallation of all the installed elements into the latest beta version of Codex Live available from the following link:

If you have a previous version of Codex Live installed that doesn’t include the script for uninstallation please just run the installer from the provided link to add the script to the Codex folder in your Applications directory.

To uninstall Codex Live follow these steps:

  1. In the Finder go to “Applications”
  2. In the “Codex” folder you will find a “Uninstall Codex Live.command”
  3. Open it. It will be run in Terminal.
  4. Enter your password in Terminal when asked and hit enter.
  5. Choose “Remove Codex Live” from the window that appears.
  6. Let the process in the Terminal complete.
  7. Codex Live is now uninstalled.

Current Workaround

You can also follow this workaround to make your IS-Mini(s) work again with Livegrade while keeping the Codex Live software:

  1. Close Livegrade.
  2. Open the Terminal on your Mac.
  3. Copy and paste the following line into your Terminal window:

    sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codexdigital.lutboxdaemon.plist

  4. Hit enter.
  5. Enter you user password.
  6. Hit enter.
  7. Open Livegrade again.

After executing these steps you should be able to assign the IS-Mini to a Slot in Livegrade.

When you reboot your system the terminal command will be lost and has to be executed again. The command also disables the functionality of the IS-Mini with Codex Live software. As mentioned you can reboot to regain that functionality.