How to Reset Library and Preferences

In the unusual event that LiveGrade is not able to launch, you will have to reset its Library and Preferences.


Warning: This can’t be undone, deleting the library will delete the grading history, preset grades and grade groups.


Reset LiveGrade’s Library

To reset the Library, please follow these steps:

1. Quit the LiveGrade app

2. In Finder press ⌘⇧G and copy&paste the following line in the dialog box:


For LiveGrade v4
~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/LiveGrade4


For LiveGrade v3:
~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/LiveGrade3

For LiveGrade v2:
~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/LiveGrade2



3. Rename the LiveGradeMaster.psdb file to LiveGradeMaster_old.psdb and back it up afterwards. All the grading history, preset grades and grade groups will be backed up in the old database.

4. Open the LiveGrade app again. It will automatically create a new library.


Reset preferences

In order to reset LiveGrade’s preferences, open a Terminal window. Then copy and paste the following line:


For LiveGrade v4:

defaults delete com.pomfort.LiveGrade4


For LiveGrade v3:
defaults delete com.pomfort.LiveGrade3

For LiveGrade v2:
defaults delete com.pomfort.LiveGrade2



Press “return” and the preferences will be reset.


Now LiveGrade should start as usual.