Change Log for Livegrade Pro

Livegrade Pro - 5.5.1

Wed, 24 Nov 2021


  • Fixed: Crash after opening recording preferences

Livegrade Pro - 5.5.0

Wed, 24 Nov 2021


  • Added: Frame Callback on BoxIO: Display saved still images on connected FSI BoxIO devices
  • Added: Auto-complete suggestions of previously used values in metadata fields “Location”, “Int/Ext”, “Day/Night”, and “Caption”
  • Added: Recreate clip identifier allows updating the clip identifier of shots based on changed metadata values or modified naming scheme
  • Added: Smart groups for metadata fields "Int/Ext", "Day/Night" and "Custom 1" - "Custom 6"
  • Added: Recording Preferences: "Disk Free" column in media folders table shows remaining disk space of media folders
  • Added: Recording Preferences: Adjust limit for warning when running out of disk space
  • Added: Comment field can be used in slot metadata
  • Added: MIDI Controllers: Option to reverse direction of encoders
  • Added: "Recreate Thumbnails" menu item allows to update the thumbnails of shots using the connected media source files
  • Added: Updated SDK for IS-Mini devices supporting most recent versions of Wonderlook Pro and with no licensing required
  • >Added: Sharing LUT name with connected QTake systems


  • Fixed: "Increase take number after adding shot to library" did not increment correctly when recording multiple slots or when creating shots from all slots
  • Fixed: Media folder could not be removed if number of files was 0
  • Fixed: Crash when entering values above 100 into amount slider field
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.4.1

Wed, 04 Aug 2021


  • Added: ARRIRAW SDK updated to version 6.2.3 for decoding framegrabs created via ARRI CAP (SUP 7)


  • Fixed: Black framegrab via ARRI CAP from ARRI Alexa Mini LF (SUP 7.0.1)
  • Fixed: Interactive grading via ARRI CAP and an ARRI Alexa Mini LF (SUP 7.0.1) did not work if a read-only look was selected
  • Fixed: Amount slider interferences with Tangent panel adjustments
  • Fixed: Unexpected quit during storage migration if a project only includes looks without assets

Livegrade Pro - 5.4.0

Wed, 30 Jun 2021


  • Changed: New Project-based Media Storage System: "Record Folder" can be managed and inspected per project in the recording preferences
  • Added: "New Project" window allows to choose a project-based record folder with custom name and storage location on project creation
  • Added: Unique Folder ID: Media folders contain a JSON file with a UUID for unambiguous media folder identification
  • Added: "Livegrade Media" in ~/Movies/ is the default parent directory for project media
  • Added: Import/export of project setting "Record Folder and Media Folders" allows to exchange the record folder with other Livegrade systems
  • Added: UI allows inspecting the (online/offline) status of media files in the shot library, the info tab, and in the recording preferences
  • Added: Reconnect Media: Offline media reconnects if a matching media folder is added to recording preferences
  • Added: A progress bar allows to monitor and cancel running media import and export tasks
  • Added: Pomfort Look Archives (PFLA) can be exported from smart groups
  • Added: PFLA with media: Sharing a PFLA from a project (or folders/bins/smart groups), including hi-res media files
  • Added: PFLA export options: Export PFLA with references to the current media folder or with copies to a new media folder
  • Added: PFLA import options: Import PFLA with media by copying the media into the record folder, or by importing looks only (without media)
  • Added: "Slating" preferences allow to customize the editing of slate info fields
  • Added: Choose a "Slating System" (Standard/American/All) to show only relevant menu items for editing slate info fields
  • Added: "Scene Letter" option allows to increment the scene field by appending a letter (e.g., "5"> "5A")
  • Added: Define characters as to be skipped when incrementing slate info fields
  • Added: Appended letters in slate info fields are incremented using the overflow system (e.g., "Z"> "AA")
  • Added: Additional menu items and actions for editing slate info fields
  • Added: Menu items and actions for selecting and applying up to 20 look presets
  • Added: Upgraded AJA SDK to latest version for AJA Corvid device support
  • Added: Updated LUT presets with the latest official LUTs from camera manufacturers
  • Added: Labels can be included in reports
  • Added: Scroll bar in the slot view automatically follows slot selection
  • Added: "Absolute Path" column in all predefined column layouts
  • Added: "Filter" removed from Dynamic Metadata CSV
  • Fixed: Timeouts when using ARRI CAP with a bad Wifi connection
  • Fixed: "Global Metadata" fields with steppers could be decreased to "0"
  • Fixed: Menu items "Create Shot" and "Create Shot (with Secondary Label)" were inactive if the library slot was selected
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.5

Thu, 11 Mar 2021


  • Fixed: Crash if creating a look preset while the preset search field is not empty
  • Fixed: Warning about a running recording on attempt to quit does not cancel termination
  • Fixed: Crash on start up if selected color profile for LUT Box does not exist
  • Fixed: Crash if framegrab from FSI BoxIO does not contain enough data
  • Fixed: Reseting "Shot" field does not apply previously used format
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.4

Thu, 04 Feb 2021


  • Fixed: Rare crashes during grading
  • Fixed: Histogram did not work when running under Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon
  • Fixed: Adding Capture Device with already graded signal was not possible
  • Fixed: Hangs when grading an image while having a large shot library
  • Fixed: Reduced memory usage

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.3

Wed, 27 Jan 2021


  • Added: Framegrab with IS Mini 4K devices
  • Fixed: Video router configurations were not updated in MIDI mapper
  • Fixed: Empty smart group template might cause a crash on shot creation
  • Fixed: Previously selected column layout was not restored after restarting the application
  • Prepared for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.2

Mon, 11 Jan 2021


  • Fixed: Signal range setting won't restore when reconnecting video capture device
  • Fixed: Issue where framegrab from ARRI Alexa SXT camera via ARRI CAP would fail
  • Fixed: Issue where recordings would fail due to duplicate temporary recording file names
  • Added: Change sorting method of look presets in contextual menu of look library
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.1

Wed, 02 Dec 2020


  • Added: Export and import settings for "Global and Slot Metadata Layout"
  • Added: Export and import settings for "MIDI Controller Mapping"
  • Added: Actions for Printer Lights and Lift, Gamma, Gain now available in Tangent Mapper
  • Fixed: Crash when starting recording, if record folder is not available
  • Fixed: Issue where Color Picker buttons stayed active after color picking has been cancelled

Livegrade Pro - 5.3.0

Tue, 17 Nov 2020


  • Added: Tag shots with color labels and a customizable label text
  • Added: Apply a default label or secondary label on shot creation
  • Added: Second “Create” button for creating shots with secondary label
  • Added: Use "Label" field in smart group hierarchies
  • Added: Predefined "Labels" smart group layout
  • Added: "Label" metadata field in wildcards
  • Added: "Label" column in shots table and predefined column layouts
  • Added: Improved and redesigned "Info" tab with collapsable sections
  • Added: Editing metadata fields in info tab for multiple selected shots at once
  • Added: Info tab search bar allows filtering displayed fields and metadata
  • Added: Import multiple movies to library at once
  • Added: Import movies by dragging movie files onto Livegrade dock icon
  • Added: Export and import global settings: Video router configurations, keyboard shortcuts, column layouts, smart groups layouts, record folder, custom clip identifier, slot / device configuration, label preferences
  • Added: Export and import project settings: Export and import of project folder structure allows to use an existing folder structure as template for new projects
  • Added: RGB Curves/HSL Curves: Color picker tool allows to auto-create curve points based on picked color in viewer
  • Added: RGB Curves: Color picker tool in "Custom" color curve allows to choose target hue of custom curve based on picked color in viewer
  • Added: RGB Curves/HSL Curves: Select and adjust curve points with keyboard shortcuts and Tangent panels
  • Added: Grading preference "Add primary curve points for Hue" allows to set, if primary curve points in HSL curve tabs should be set by default
  • Changed: Improved and rearranged preferences with "Library" tab
  • Added: Library preference "Create linked looks from linked slots" allows to set if looks from linked slots should be saved as individual looks or linked looks
  • Added: Recording preference "Trigger Stop Behavior" allows to set, if recordings for all slots should be stopped if one camera stops
  • Changed: "Show Viewer" is now a toggle button and renamed into "Toggle Viewer"
  • Added: Display timecode of recording and imported movie in player HUD
  • Added: "Jump to Timecode or Time" allows to go to a position in a recording or imported movie by pasting a timecode reference or entering time values (hh:mm:ss:ff)
  • Added: Reordering slot metadata fields with drag and drop allows to to create a custom slot metadata layout
  • Added: Devices: Select signal format for ISMiniX
  • Added: Devices: Use SmallHD 4K Production Monitors as real-time grading devices (with SmallHD firmware version 4.4.0 or higher)
  • Added: Apply Label actions for Stream Deck and Tangent Mapper
  • Added: Create Shot (with Secondary Label) actions for Stream Deck and Tangent Mapper
  • Added: "Toggle Viewer" action for Stream Deck and Tangent Mapper
  • Fixed: Issue when changed wildcards naming scheme did not apply on first attempt if saving only one shot
  • Fixed: Issue when "/" in wildcards did not create subfolder if saving only one shot
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.2.2

Wed, 21 Oct 2020


  • Fixed: Look syncing issues when using ARRI Mini LF via ARRI CAP
  • Fixed: Full range movie recordings playing back in legal range
  • Fixed: Using the left/right arrow key in a text field affects the playback position in the viewer window instead of navigating within the text field
  • Added: Enabling/disabling look sync via ARRI CAP for ARRI camera devices

Livegrade Pro - 5.2.1

Wed, 30 Sep 2020


  • Added: Export report from Smart Group
  • Added: Recording actions for Stream Deck
  • Added: Actions for "Copy Look From Current Slot", "Paste Look To Current Slot" and "Paste Look To All Slots" in Stream Deck and Tangent Mapper
  • Added: Prepared for upcoming ShotHub update
  • Fixed: Incorrect column values when exporting ALE
  • Fixed: Subfolder created when using empty "Day/Night" and "Int/Ext" metadata fields in wildcards
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.2.0

Tue, 04 Aug 2020


  • Added: RGB Curves for applying curve adjustments to individual color channels red, green and blue
  • Added: Color curve modes “RGB-Based” and “Luma-Based” allow precise color curve adjustments with or without influencing luma of colors
  • Added: "Custom Color Curve" allows applying curve adjustment to a custom color
  • Added: "Hue-Sat-Lum Curves" allow secondary color corrections with curves for hue vs. hue, hue vs. saturation, hue vs. luma, luma vs. saturation and saturation vs. saturation
  • Added: "Amount Sliders" allow fine tuning color grades by adjusting the intensity of grading nodes
  • Added: RGB master in printer lights can now be precisely adjusted using color panels
  • Added: User LUT Folder to add custom user LUTs for selecting them as LUT presets
  • Added: ACES Metadata File (AMF) Export for exchanging grade settings and metadata in ACES workflows (works with ACES ver. 1.2 or higher)
  • Added: AMF + CLF Export exports looks created in the ACES CDL Advanced mode by merging non-CDL nodes into a CLF (Common LUT format) file
  • Added: ASC-CDL + 3D LUT combo export splits CDL and non-CDL components of a grade into an ASC-CDL and a 3D LUT file for re-building a look in third party software
  • Added: Stream Deck Plugin allows to map and trigger Livegrade actions from Stream Deck devices
  • Added: Video Routing for Stream Deck allows to apply up to 20 video routing configurations
  • Added: Smart Groups for organizing shots using an automatic outline assembled from metadata fields (e.g. Scene, Shot and Flagged)
  • Added: Predefined Smart Groups hierarchy layouts and user defined layouts
  • Added: “Library” home folder allows searching in entire shot library
  • Added: Shot Library path displays current library folder and smart groups level
  • Added: "Set Thumbnail Frame" allows to set a custom thumbnail frame for recorded video clips
  • Added: Keyboard navigation between slot metadata fields
  • Added: Display index counter of video routing configurations
  • Added: Change order of video routing configurations in "Manage Configurations"
  • Added: Rate and flag multiple shots with designated menu items and actions for Stream Deck
  • Added: Pre-defined column layout presets for "Shots" table view
  • Added: Paste look to all slots
  • Added: Create shot from library slot
  • Added: “Shooting Day” field in global metadata
  • Added: “Location” field in global metadata
  • Added: “Day/Night” field in global metadata
  • Added: “Int/Ext” field in global metadata
  • Added: New custom metadata fields "Custom 4", "Custom 5" and "Custom 6"
  • Added: ShotHub: Upload entire project with shot information to ShotHub, including thumbnails (optional)
  • Added: ShotHub: Parallel upload from several Livegrade clients
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.1.3

Thu, 23 Apr 2020


  • Added: ACES version 1.2 transforms available for download via application preferences
  • Added: Export of ACES Metadata File (AMF) files for ACES CDL looks with ACES version 1.2
  • Added: Printer Lights increase/decrease buttons are available on Tangent Panels now


  • Fixed: Livegrade stopped working under certain circumstances if a Tangent Panel was connected
  • Fixed: Crash when removing an automation under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Crash when saving the current look if look name is empty

Livegrade Pro - 5.1.2

Tue, 10 Mar 2020


  • Added: Colorfront Looks can now be exported as Pomfort Look File.


  • Fixed: Crash when adding/deleting/moving capture device under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Performance issues when creating framegrabs with FSI BoxIO devices.
  • Fixed: Pregraded images were displayed with the look applied again in the viewer window.
  • Fixed: Issues when controlling Master Slope and Master Power via MIDI panel.

Livegrade Pro - 5.1.1

Mon, 02 Mar 2020


  • Fixed: Crash when trying to load a movie file that is currently not accessible.
  • Fixed: Crash if no text is entered in the wildcard editor.
  • Fixed: Flickering in external video output of AJA devices, if no capture devices have been configured.

Livegrade Pro - 5.1.0

Wed, 26 Feb 2020


  • Added: JKL keyboard navigation for playback, jog and shuttle in viewer and slots
  • Added: HANC rec-flag detection for AJA Kona 4 (or newer) and AJA IO 4K series (works with ARRI, RED and SONY cameras)
  • Added: Tangent Mapper support for Tangent Wave panel
  • Added: Copy & paste looks between slots
  • Added: Adding a reference from another slot to the library slot
  • Added: Import of movies (mov, m4v, mp4)
  • Added: New global metadata field “season"
  • Added: CAP support for ARRI Alexa MINI LF enabling in-camera grading and camera metadata support
  • Added: Switching from "ACES CDL" to "ACES CDL Advanced" inherits IDT, ODT and CDL values
  • Added: Support playback control via Tangent panels
  • Added: Tangent Hardware Panels now support controlling Lift, Gamma, Gain RGB values via encoders


  • Fixed: Connection issues with ARRI cameras using CAP when sending a LUT over a slow connection
  • Fixed: Neutral image is no longer shown intermittently while toggling through shot library entries
  • Improved: Crash reporting workflow
  • Improved: Playback performance
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.6

Wed, 29 Jan 2020


  • Added: Support for reading metadata from Sony Venice ANC metadata if HD-SDI signal is 1080p.


  • Improved: Color accuracy of BoxIO and Flanders monitor framegrabs.
  • Fixed: Crash under macOS 10.13 when adding a capture device.
  • Fixed: BoxIO framegrab was not possible if Livegrade did control the signal range and full range was selected as input.
  • Fixed: Livegrade did hang while opening the "Add Device..." menu under some circumstances when an ISMini was connected.
  • Fixed: Values could be moved out of range by MIDI controller encoders.
  • Fixed: CDL was not selected as default control mode for CDL grading nodes.

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.5

Wed, 04 Dec 2019


  • Added: Warning if CDL values are out of range
  • Added: Configuration for recording single slot or all slots via auto record detection in Preferences
  • Added: Add wildcard that resolves to the name of the LUTs in the grade
  • Added: Support for ScopeBox v4


  • Fixed: ARRI Lens metadata was not read completely under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Encoder for "power" value was moving into wrong direction on MIDI controllers
  • Fixed: Crash with Euphonix hardware panel on some machines
  • Fixed: Outdated driver message for AJA was not shown in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Restoring device configurations from file did not correctly reconnect all attached devices
  • Fixed: Hangs under some circumstances with Blackmagic Decklink devices
  • Fixed: Wrong signal range of framegrabs when Livegrade controls the signal range of the BoxIO

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.4

Wed, 16 Oct 2019


  • Changed: Support macOS 10.15
  • Changed: Added Chinese translation


  • Fix: CDL is now the default CDL control mode.
  • Fix: Restore selected CDL control mode when applying look to slot.
  • Fix: Reference status icon did not disappear from shot library in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Under some circumstances a blue background was visible in the viewer.
  • Fix: The ISmini corrupted the video signal under specific circumstances.
  • Fix: Drag'n'Drop in the presets and shots library did not work anymore after switching projects.
  • Fix: Memory leak in histogram.

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.2

Tue, 27 Aug 2019


  • Changed: Show better error message when video router port is locked on AJA video router


  • Fixed: Connecting to ARRI camera did crash under certain circumstances on macOS 10.14
  • Fixed: ScopeBox integration was not working
  • Fixed: When CDL controls were disabled, switching to another control mode did accidentally enable them again
  • Fixed: Memory leak with DeckLink capture device

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.1

Mon, 12 Aug 2019


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where environment variables for scripts were not working when scripts are run from the menu.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when the recording folder was not accessible (e.g. on a missing external volume).

Livegrade Pro - 5.0.0

Wed, 07 Aug 2019



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