Change Log for Livegrade Pro

Livegrade Pro - 6.1.0

Wed, 01 Jun 2022


  • Added: "Show Slot Label Only" hides slot characters from the UI allowing to indicate slots consistently using the custom slot label text
  • Added: Export shot metadata as CSV from shot library, folders, bins or smart groups
  • Added: Advanced "Grade Still as Frame Callback" option for grading and updating a look via frame callback on FSI BoxIO devices
  • Added: Individual "Reset" menu items and controller actions for SPL grading parameters and Saturation
  • Added: "Lens Model" metadata token in wildcards for clip identifier
  • Added: Clip identifier default scheme "D4" (Slot Label - Reel - Clip) for use with enabled "Show Slot Label Only" option
  • Improved: "Scene" smart group sorting ignores letter characters in prefixes (e.g., "X" or "VFX")
  • Improved: PFLA Import: Media folders referenced in imported look archives are found automatically if they are available under the last known path and last known path is displayed when choosing media folder manually
  • Improved: Dedicated XPC service for IS-mini device integration improves overall stability and allows using IS-mini devices while running application on M1 machines natively
  • Changed: Linked looks: Applying a look does not affect the values in un-synced nodes of linked slots


  • Fixed: Look preset from linked slots applied wrong sync status
  • Fixed: Look preset could not be applied to library slot
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances adding inputs from two or more identical Blackmagic 3G Recorders was not possible
  • Fixed: Hang when triggering "Share Stills of Selected Shots via Airdrop..." from Stream Deck controller
  • Fixed: "Share Stills of Selected Shots via Airdrop..." exported first frame instead of thumbnail frame
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 6.0.1

Thu, 14 Apr 2022


  • Fixed: Sporadical crashes when running IS-mini devices using Rosetta
  • Fixed: ARRI CAP: "Look sync" could not be disabled when using "Interactive" grading method
  • Fixed: Playback Controls: "Set Thumbnail Frame" and "Jump to Thumbnail Frame" and "Jumpt to Timecode" could not be set for movies used as reference
  • Fixed: Using "." in naming scheme for LUT package export lead to truncated output file names
  • Added: ARRI CAP v1.3 support: Lens metadata (Lens model, Focus Distance, Aperture and Focal Length) can be received from connected cameras via ARRI CAP
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Livegrade Pro - 6.0.0

Thu, 17 Mar 2022


  • Added: “Output Colorspace” node auto-detects output colorspace of built-in LUT presets and transforms or allows choosing the output colorspace manually
  • Added: “Output Colorspace” shot attribute for handling looks within multi-monitoring setups in shots table, info tab, smart groups and wildcards
  • Added: Export output colorspace attribute as comment in custom LUTs and auto-detect attribute on loading custom LUTs
  • Added: Auto-configure color primaries of video scopes based on the current look’s output colorspaces
  • Added: Enable/disable color profile tagging for still image export and tag still images with color profile for most common output colorspaces
  • Added: Set the “YCbCr-RGB Conversion” matrix (Rec709/Rec.2020) for video I/O devices and pass on color conversion attribute in recorded QuickTime movies
  • Added: Force to apply the "False Color" filter on the “Graded”, “Bypass”ed or “Original” image
  • Added: Support for ACES version 1.3.0 including “Reference Gamut Compress” parameter
  • Added: Load Common LUT Format (CLF) files in ACES LMT node
  • Added: New ACES look metadata fields “ACES Input Transform”, “ACES Input TransformID”, “ACES Output Transform”, “ACES Output TransformID and “Reference Gamut Compress”
  • Added: “Knee Curve” node for creating simple “knee” and “toe” curve adjustments
  • Added: Sony VENICE 2 Remote Grading: Interactively grade on Sony VENICE 2 cameras via CDL-compliant nodes
  • Added: Sony VENICE 2 Remote Grading: Upload looks as User 3D LUT onto Sony VENICE 2 cameras
  • Added: Improved HUD in image viewer with controls for “Set Thumbnail Frame”, “Jump to Thumbnail Frame” and enable/disable “Loop” playback
  • Added: Duplicate shots with movie recordings as shots with still images
  • Added: Delete shots and their associated media files independently
  • Added: Reveal the media file of a shot in Finder
  • Added: Share graded still images from the shot library via Airdrop
  • Added: Use all SDI-connectors of half-duplex capture devices as inputs (e.g., AJA Io4K Plus)
  • Added: LUT Interpolation Preferences: Choose between different interpolation methods including tetrahedral interpolation for improved color accuracy
  • Changed: Projects Preferences: Labels and Custom fields are now project-dependent
  • Added: Projects Preferences: Assign individual titles for Custom fields
  • Added: Import/export look library or a section of look presets as look archive
  • Changed: Application runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 machines
  • Changed: Linked Slots: “Graded”, “Bypass”, “Original” and “False Color” can now be applied individually for each slot
  • Added: Camera Metadata: ARRI and RED cameras connected via network can be added as a metadata-only source in all grading modes (with grading disabled)
  • Added: Record movies in H.264 video codec
  • Added: Export still images in HEIC (8-Bit) format
  • Added: New Smart Groups: “Reel” and “Clip” metadata can be used in the smart groups
  • Added: AJA Kona Cards: Support for capture and playback of 6G/12G signals
  • Added: Option to "Hide/Unhide Empty Metadata Columns" in shots table


  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements



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