Avoiding Banding Artifacts with ICC Profiles

For use in the HDLink box Livegrade transforms ICC profiles into 3D LUTs together with all other look processing. Due to the limited number of nodes in the HDLink’s 3D LUT support (17 x 17 x 17 nodes), some ICC profiles may produce colored banding when used in Livegrade.

Figure 1: Sample images of colored banding when using ICC profiles.

You can limit the use of ICC to display curves, which in most cases avoids banding artifacts. You can set that in the Preferences dialog of Livegrade:

Figure 2: Configuring ICC processing of Livegrade

Switching this setting on has the cause that only the response- or gamma-curve of the ICC profile is applied, but the matrix for the primary colors is skipped.




 Note: You can find more info about setting up Livegrade with ICC profiles here http://kb.pomfort.com/?p=238.