Transfer Large Livegrade Projects

If large projects are to be transferred from one computer to the other, the upper limit of 2GB for .PFLA Look Archives may exceed.

In this article, we will show you how to copy the folder of your Livegrade project, which is stored in the Library of your computer and can be located via Livegrade > Show Library in Finder.

Note: The Livegrade version of the new computer should be at least as advanced as that of the old one.

Export project settings and transfer media files

As copying the Livegrade project’s folder doesn’t contain your settings and associated media files, one should take care of them beforehand:

  1. Copy the media folder of your project to the new computer. To locate your currently used media folder, open Livegrade settings and go to the recording tab. Copy the media files of this folder to your new computer, so that you can access them after transferring your project. Ideally, choose the same on the new computer path as you did on the old.
  2. Export Settings via Livegrade > Settings Import/Export > Export …
    Make sure to select all types of settings you wish to transfer.

Copy the Project’s folder to the new computer

As the media files are already copied to the new computer and your project settings have been exported, you are ready to copy the project:

  1. Locate the currently used project folder in the library via Livegrade > Show Library in Finder.

    Locate the Livegrade project folder via Livegrade > Show Library in Finder

  2. Quit Livegrade on the old and the new computer. This is important before you continue with step 3.
  3. Copy the whole project folder (e.g. Project-2329042CC769) to the same path (…/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/LivegradeStudio6/) on the new computer.
  4. Open Livegrade on the new computer
  5. Open your project via the project chooser.
  6. Import the settings via Livegrade > Settings Import/Export > Import …
  7. If your media folder changed, add the media folder to your Livegrade project via Livegrade > Settings > Recording
  8. After adding your media folder to your project you should now be able to continue working as before.