Exporting Grades to Scratch via ALE

Livegrade offers the possibility to transfer CDL grades to Assimilate Scratch through an ALE file. This feature will help you to match the grades with each clip automatically using their metadata information. In addition, there is the advantage of having all the grades in one single ALE file. As long as camera and scene information are entered for each grade in Livegrade, the exported ALE file will transfer the metadata along with the CDL values to automatically apply the grades to each clip in Scratch.

There are some considerations to have in mind when using this feature:

  • it only applies to grades created in the CDL or ACES grading mode
  • the 3D LUT information is not included (i.e. a LogC to Rec.709 LUT). Only the CDL information and the LUT name is transferred. The same LUT has to be applied down the post workflow
  • camera and scene information has to be properly set on the grades

In order to start the ALE export, you have to select the Grade Group from the Livegrade library. Then select File>Export grade Group for Scratch (ALE) as shown in figure 1.

figure 1: exporting grade group as an ALE file

figure 1: exporting grade group as an ALE file

This will bring you to a save destination dialogue:

figure 2: save destination selection

figure 2: save destination selection


Once the ALE file has been saved, you can load it into Assimilate Scratch to match the grades with the clips.



You can follow a very comprehensive step by step tutorial brought to you by Assimilate on how to import the ALE file to match your footage:



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