Slating Preferences

Slating System

In the “Slating” preferences you can choose a “Slating System” to show only relevant menu items within the “Edit Global Metadata Field” menu for your preferred slating system:

  • “Standard” lets you work with continuous slating with scene / shot / take fields (e.g., Scene “56” / Shot “4” / Take “2”)
  • “American” lets you work with American slating with scene / take fields (e.g., Scene “56C” / Take “2”)
  • “All” lets you see all available menu items for full flexibility

Scene Letter

The “Scene Letter” checkbox allows you to enable/disable the behavior to append a letter on “Increase Scene” actions automatically (e.g., increment “5” to “5A”). “Scene Letter“ is enabled automatically when switching to the “American” slating system and disabled when switching to the “Standard” slating system.

Note: Incrementing letters in the scene / shot / take fields use the overflow system (e.g., “Z” to “AA”, etc.)

Skipped Characters

You can also define specific characters to be skipped when incrementing letters in the scene / shot / take fields.

Slating preferences