Setting up Selenio Network Processor (beta)

This article covers features which are only available in Livegrade Studio.

As of November 2023, the Selenio Network Processor is accessible in a beta version as a “non-interactive grading device”. This means that the changes you make in Livegrade are not transferred to the Selenio Network Processor in real-time, but can be uploaded to the device at any time from Livegrade by using the “Update” button.

Please follow the steps below to add the Selenio Network Processor as a grading device to a slot in Livegrade, create a grade, and upload the look to the device:

  • Open your terminal and type in the following command to activate the integration of Selenio Network processor

defaults write com.pomfort.LiveGradeStudio6 SelenioNetworkProcessorSupport -bool true

  • Open Livegrade Studio
  • Open the Device Manager via the Devices… button
  • Within the device manager choose Add Device… > Add Selenio Network Processor…
  • In the device configuration window fill in your device’s connection parameters and confirm with Add Device.

  • You can now adjust the look in the slot where you added the device.
  • By pressing the “Upload” button in the toolbar you can upload the current look to the Selenio Network Processor

Tip: It makes sense to add an image source to your slot to see the look adjustments within the UI. Ideally, you can add a capture device and connect it to your SDI source that is also routed as incoming signal to the Selenio Network Processor.

Note: As the integration works LUT-based you can switch to any grading mode and you can use all nodes and color controls that are available.