Setting up Panavision DXL 2

Livegrade comes with support for Panavision DXL 2 cameras. The application can send CDL values and 3D LUTs that are applied on the live image processed in the Panavision DXL 2 camera via a network connection (LAN and WiFi depending on camera hardware and setup).

A list of all the Panavision DXL models supported in Livegrade can be found in the Knowledge Base article All Supported Devices in Livegrade.

For general information about setting up the application with HD-SDI devices please refer to the article HD-SDI Setup for Livegrade.

Adding the Panavision DXL 2 as a Device

In order to receive look information from Livegrade, the Panavision DXL 2 needs to have a working network connection with the Mac where the application is running on.


  • Go to the Panavision DXL 2 Menu
  • Choose Lan or Wlan depending on your setup

Once a correct connection is established, launch Livegrade and you can proceed to add the Panavision DXL 2 as a device. In order to do that, you can choose “Slots” in the main menu and then “Add Device”. Alternatively, you can add the device through the Device Manager.

After that, a configuration window opens. By hitting “Refresh” you can search for compatible Panavision DXL 2 cameras connected to your network. All Panavision DXL 2 cameras found will show up in the table view. Select the intended device and click “Add Device” to add the box to the selected slot.

Updating the Look in the Panavision DXL 2 Camera

In the main Livegrade window, the Panavision DXL 2 camera is now displayed in the corresponding grading slot as a device.

After selecting the correct grading slot you will be able to adjust the look. The look is not updated in the camera interactively, you need to click “Upload” in the toolbar, or choose “Upload Current Look to Non-Interactive Devices” in the Slot menu. The look metadata is then sent to the camera.

Updating Slate Metadata in the Panavision DXL 2 Camera

When enabling the “Auto-update slate info in camera” checkbox in the connection dialog of the Panavision DXL 2 camera, every change in the global metadata area of the application is automatically sent to the camera.

Checking the Connection Status in the Device Manager

To learn more about the connection state of the Panavision DXL 2, you can open the Device Manager by clicking on the button “Devices” above the Grading Slots view.

If connected properly the Panavision DXL 2 will show up as a “Device” row in the Device Manager with a green indicator confirming a positive connection status. By clicking on the button “Config…”  an info window opens where you can see all information available on the connection of Livegrade with your Panavision DXL 2.