Setting up AJA ColorBox

Livegrade comes with support for AJA’s ColorBox LUT box devices.

AJA ColorBox

For general information about setting up Livegrade with HD-SDI devices, please refer to the article HD-SDI Setup for Livegrade.

Adding the AJA ColorBox as a device:

To exchange look information with Livegrade, the AJA ColorBox needs to have a working network connection with the Mac where Livegrade is running. 

Note: It is strongly recommended to connect the device hard-wired via Ethernet.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for setting up the ColorBox in your network with a dedicated IP address.

The ColorBox has a web interface for configuring the device’s IP address, watching a preview of the live video signal, configuring the system settings, and more.

Once you have obtained the device’s IP address, you can add the ColorBox to any slot using the Device Manager or the associated “Add Device…” menu item.

Configuring AJA ColorBox:

While adding the AJA ColorBox, you have the following options to configure the device:

  • IP Address: Enter the device’s IP address
  • ANC Metadata: Choose your camera’s manufacturer for appropriate detection of ANC metadata
  • System Settings: Open the device’s web interface for configuring system settings such as signal range and color conversion
  • Framegrab: Enable a continuous framegrab (ungraded 16-bit Tiff at native resolution) and choose an update interval 

Note: A high update interval at 4K resolutions requires a high performant hard-wired network connection.