Setting up IS-Mini

Livegrade comes with support for the following IS-mini LUT box devices:

  • IS-mini 4K
  • IS-miniX
  • IS-mini
  • IS-miniX Rack4K
  • IS-mini Rack4K

Note: As the IS-mini integration does not run under M1 natively, make sure to install Rosetta on your machine. However, you do not need to open Livegrade using Rosetta as the IS-mini integration will run in its dedicated service in the background.

For general information about setting up Livegrade with HD-SDI devices please refer to the article HD-SDI Setup for Livegrade.

Configuring an IS-mini device

It is recommended to connect the IS-mini via USB. Once a correct connection between the IS-mini device and your computer is established, launch Livegrade and then proceed to add the IS-mini as a device. In order to do that, you can choose “Slots” in the main menu and then “Add Device”. Alternatively, you can add the device through the Device Manager.

Set up your camera type for appropriate ANC metadata transfer. You can also choose to “Continuously refresh framegrab and metadata” and set an update interval for refreshing.

Note: When using the IS-mini 4K it is only recommended to enable frame grab for HD video signals due to hardware limitations.