Setting up IS-Mini

Livegrade comes with support for the following IS-mini LUT box devices:

  • IS-mini 4K
  • IS-miniX
  • IS-mini
  • IS-miniX Rack4K
  • IS-mini Rack4K

For general information about setting up Livegrade with HD-SDI devices please refer to the article HD-SDI Setup for Livegrade.

Configuring an IS-mini device

It is recommended to connect the IS-mini via USB. Once a correct connection between the IS-mini device and your computer is established, launch Livegrade and then proceed to add the IS-mini as a device. In order to do that, you can choose “Slots” in the main menu and then “Add Device”. Alternatively, you can add the device through the Device Manager.

Set up your camera type for appropriate ANC metadata transfer. You can also choose to “Continuously refresh framegrab and metadata” and set an update interval for refreshing.

Note: When using the IS-mini 4K it is only recommended to enable frame grab for HD video signals due to hardware limitations.

IS-mini Device License

IS-Mini and IS-MiniX devices need a license to be installed so that the IS-Mini device can work with Livegrade. The license needs to be obtained from TVLogic (formerly Wowow and FujiFilm).

If you already have a license installed, it should still work. If you don’t have a license yet, you can receive a free license via email from TVLogic by downloading the WonderLookPro software and activating the ISMini from there.

The configuration window in Livegrade links to a page to TVLogic’s website that has all details on the process.

Installing an IS-mini Device License

Once you receive the IS-mini device license file from TVLogic (sent by email), click on “Install License File” and navigate to the location of the file. Load it and Livegrade will check it. If the License File is valid, the connection status light should turn green with the message “Licensed”. The button “Manage Installed devices” will let you copy or delete the stored IS-mini device license files.