HD-SDI Setup Options

Basic Hardware Setup

Basic hardware setup with Livegrade and LUT boxes

The article Basic Hardware Setup covers the most common hardware setup with Livegrade for live color grading.

The article explains:

  • Video signals on set (HD-SDI for video signals)
  • Basic Device Requirements (monitor and LUT boxes)
  • Additional features of LUT boxes (time code, frame grab, and metadata)

Please make sure you read the article Basic Hardware Setup first, before you proceed with more advanced options below.

In addition to LUT boxes some cameras and monitors can also perform the look processing (“in-camera grading” and “in-monitor grading”).  See the article All Supported Devices for an overview of all supported devices and their capabilities.

Using HD-SDI capture devices

The application can use connected capture devices to get access to live image within the software. 

Capturing video signals with a capture device with Livegrade

By capturing live signals you can:

Using HD-SDI output devices

The application can use connected video output devices to output image from within the software to HD-SDI.

Video output to HD-SDI

You can output:

  • Stored frame grabs and for reference output,
  • playback of recorded clips,
  • processed live image (when also using a capture device), and 
  • combined and split view of frame grabs and live image

Learn more about video output in the article Image View Output to HD-SDI.

Controlling an HD-SDI router 

HD-SDI video routers allow to route signals from any source to any destination. The application can control a video router and automate routings depending on the state (e.g. selection of slots) in the user interface.

Video routing with cameras, monitors, LUT boxes, capture devices and video output devices

Please see the article Controlling an External Video Router for learning more about controlling a video router.

Setting up HDR/SDR dual monitoring

For HDR/SDR dual monitoring the camera’s video signal can be wired to one grading device configured to display the signal in Rec.2020 HDR colorspaces on an HDR monitor and another grading device (or second LUT box channel) to display the signal in Rec.709 colorspace on an SDR monitor. Alternatively, the camera’s video signal can also be distributed to two devices via a video router (see above).

Video setup for HDR/SDR dual monitoring