Setting up Stream Deck

Livegrade integrates with Elgato Stream Deck, so that you can map Livegrade actions using the Stream Deck app and trigger those actions from your Stream Deck USB controllers.

As soon as you have installed the latest Stream Deck app from Elgato, install the Stream Deck plugin in Livegrade by choosing “Install Stream Deck Plugin…” from the “Livegrade Pro” / “Livegrade Studio” menu. 

Stream Deck default profile

The pre-installed default profile includes a “Color” folder with the most important color grading actions and a “Routing” folder for applying saved video routing configurations.

Stream Deck Color Folder

Note: The plugin comes with pre-defined icons and a default profile, but you can customize icons and profile according to your needs and save them as custom profile within the Stream Deck app.

Tip: If you would like to customize text and backgrounds of your Stream Deck key icons using the Livegrade design as starting point, download the Photoshop template Stream Deck Icon Creator For Livegrade.psd. The Miso font can be downloaded for free under