Dynamic Metadata Recording and Export

This article covers features which are only available in Livegrade Studio.

Dynamic metadata recording

Livegrade can record per-frame, dynamic slot metadata fields transmitted via HD-SDI ancillary metadata from ARRI, Panasonic, and Sony cameras together with movie recordings. To setup dynamic metadata recording, add your capture device in the device manager and choose “Alexa”, “Sony” or “Varicam” depending on your connected camera type. The little horse icon indicates if there is a SDI signal carrying dynamic metadata available.

Setup capture device for dynamic metadata recording


In the device manager you can now activate dynamic metadata recording by pressing the button with the horse icon in the slot.

Activate dynamic metadata recording in slot

Dynamic metadata will now be logged together with a movie recording you create. There is also a “Dynamic Metadata” column in the shots table, that indicates if a shot has recorded dynamic metadata.

Shot with dynamic metadata


Dynamic metadata CSV export

Dynamic metadata for each individual recording can be exported to CSV with “File” > “Save Dynamic Metadata from Selected Shots…”.

Saving dynamic metadata to CSV