The License Window

In the license window you can activate the software with a purchased license and manage other aspects of licensing.

Trial Period and Read-Only Mode:

Without a valid license you can use the software in a trial mode for 10 days. You can extend the use at any time by entering a valid license.

After the trial mode or after a purchased license has expired, Livegrade still works in read-only mode. You cannot interact with hardware, but you can browse all information stored in the application’s shot library, and even create reports and export data.

License Manager

Add License:

By clicking the “Add License…” button a panel opens that allows you to activate a license. In the “License Key” field you enter the license code that you received after purchase. A license code typically has the format: LGPro-123456AB-12AB-12AB-12AB-123456ABCDEF.

If you have entered license codes before, you can choose them directly with the button with the triangle besides the license key field.

In the “License Location” field is a field for you to descriptive the computer you are running the license on (see “License Location” below).

Click “Activate License” to activate the license. A working internet connection is needed so that the software can validate the license code against Pomfort’s license servers.

If the activation fails with the error message “Activation failed”, there are three possible reasons for that:

  • You don’t have a working internet connection (or the Pomfort license servers are temporarily not reachable),
  • the license code is not correct (e.g. a character or number is missing), or
  • the license is activated on another computer already.

If the license is activated on another computer already, deactivate the license there first.

Installed License Keys:

The license table shows all installed Pomfort licenses on the computer with their expiration date. It also includes licenses of other products. Licenses (e.g of other products) that cannot activate the installed software version are greyed out.

By clicking “Reload Licenses” the licenses and their activation and expiration information are refreshed from the Pomfort’s license servers.

You can deactivate a license by selecting it in the table and clicking “Deactivate License”. The license can now be activated on another computer (see article How do I migrate a license from one computer to another?).

License Location:

The license location text will appear in the Pomfort Account (see below) and is helpful for managing and locating multiple licenses in different computers. You can edit the license location by clicking the “Edit Location…” button. You can either choose an arbitrary name (for example “Second Unit Notebook”), or use the computer’s name as set in the Sharing tab of the System preferences by clicking the “Use Hostname” button. When clicking “OK”, the license location will be transferred to Pomfort’s license servers.

Purchase License:

By clicking “Visit Store…” the Pomfort online store opens in a browser window where you can purchase a license. You will receive a license code by email only minutes after finishing the purchase process.

Pomfort Account:

After the purchase of your first Pomfort product, you can create your personal Pomfort Account on Pomfort’s license servers. In Pomfort Account online system you can see an overview of all your purchased licenses (of all products) and troubleshoot issues with your licenses.