Purchasing a License for IS-Mini

In order to use an IS-mini with LiveGrade Pro, it is necessary to purchase an IS-mini device license file. The IS-mini device license file is provided by TVLogic, but you have to acquire it within LiveGrade Pro.


figure1: IS-mini device

IS-mini device

To start the process connect your IS-mini to the computer and open LiveGrade’s Device Manager. The IS-mini device should appear in one of the slots with an orange dot:


figure 3: unlicensed IS-mini

Unlicensed IS-mini

Once you select the Config… button, the following window appears:

figure 2: IS-mini device licensing

IS-mini device licensing in LiveGrade’s Device Manager

Purchase of an IS-mini Device License

Click on the «Buy Device License File for IS-mini…»  button as shown in the previous image. This will redirect you to TVLogic’s store to purchase the license for your device. You may need the device identifier in order to purchase the license file. Please be aware that the licensing process can take from a few minutes to several hours due to time zone differences.

Installing an IS-mini Device License

Once you receive the IS-mini device license file from TVLogic (sent by email), click on “Install License File” and navigate to the location of the file. Load it and LiveGrade will check it. If the License File is valid, the connection status light should turn green with the message “Licensed”. The button “Manage Installed devices” will let you copy or delete the stored IS-mini device license files.

Please note: The documentation is currently in transition from LiveGrade Pro version 3 to version 4 and may not be up to date yet.