Using the ALEXA Looks Mode

figure 1: LiveGrade grading node - Alexa mode

figure 1: LiveGrade grading node – Alexa mode


The grading node “Alexa Looks” (figure 1) offers the color controls as specified by ARRI for the Alexa camera. It is designed to be used with Log-C SDI signals coming from an Alexa camera. The color controls for the grading mode “Alexa Looks” consist of:

  • RGB Printer Lights applied in Log-C
  • Saturation scale
  • Editable Tone Mapping curve from Log-C to Rec.709
  • RGB Shadows, Mid-tones and Highlights applied in Rec.709

The Alexa Looks grading mode can import and export Alexa Look XML files, which then can be uploaded on ARRI Alexa cameras.

For more information about CDL compatibility, please check the article Can I convert ASC-CDL, Alexa Looks, and LUTs.


Note: The Alexa mode doesn’t have a completely neutral setting. A “neutral” Alexa Look Log-C to Rec709 is always applied by default.


For more information about Alexa Looks please visit ARRI’s website on Alexa Looks.