Troubleshooting connecting with Pluto

** Please note that this article targets only LiveGrade PRO users **

In case you have trouble connecting to your Pluto device you can try one of the following steps:


Restart your “Pluto Device Manager” application and LiveGrade PRO.

Restart your Pluto Device.

Check if your device is connected via Ethernet.

Open your Pandora “Pluto Device Manager” again and check if your Pluto device is listed.

Please be aware that it might take a while till the list “Pluto Device Manager” refresh.

To make sure your network connection to your Pluto device is still alive you can use the command line tool to prove that.


1. Open a Finder window and hit Cmd+Shift+U on your keyboard

2. Open the Terminal application

3. Type in the command line tool “ping” and the IP address of your Pluto Box e.g. “ping”


4. If you receive a similar screen like above you should check, Ethernet connections on the device, the network cable, network hubs and other possible cause of defect.


5. Try to restart the Pluto device.

Please remember that the Network controller of the Pluto takes a little bit longer to boot, than the signal processor. If that solved the problem your screen should look like the screen below.

If your problem still exists try to restart LiveGrade PRO and send us a detailed bug report (Menu -> “Help -> Send Bug Report…”). We are pleased and do our utmost  to fix the problem.