Using the False Color Mode

Livegrade has two False Color modes, which show areas of a certain brightness with different colors. These modes are called «Ranges» and «Gradient». To switch between both False Color modes, users have to modify Livegrade’s preferences as shown in figure 1:

Figure 1: False Color preferences


With the Ranges mode, Livegrade displays four different colors:

  • Blue: Colors near black clipping
  • Green: Colors around 18% medium grey
  • Pink: Colors around one stop over 18% medium grey (Caucasian skin)
  • Yellow: Colors near white clipping
  • All other areas are shown in black and white for better perception of the highlighted areas.

The Gradient mode shows a continuous range of video brightness levels from 0 to 100 IRE. The range starts from blue for clipped shadows (0 IRE) to white for clipped highlights (100 IRE).

An example can be found in Figure 2:


Figure 1: False Color with LiveGrade showing the «Ranges» and «Gradient» modes

Figure 2: False Color with Livegrade showing the «Ranges» and «Gradient» modes


You can enable the false color mode in the bottom bar of the Livegrade main window:

Figure 3: Enabling False Color mode in Livegrade.

Furthermore, you can force to apply the false color filter on your “Graded”, “Bypass”ed or “Original” video signal, (e.g. for appropriate quality control of HDR video signals).