Setting up QTake Interaction

This article covers features which are only available in Livegrade Studio.

Livegrade Studio can provide look metadata to QTake systems. Therefore the application treats the QTake system similar to a LUT device and sends updated look metadata to the QTake system whenever the user applies or manipulates a look in Livegrade.

QTake supports one ASC-CDL and one 3D LUT (in that order or operation). So Livegrade will send ASC-CDL as well as LUT information to QTake (e.g. when being used in the CDL and LUT grading mode). Multiple CDL nodes from Livegrade will be merged and provided as one single CDL. Non-CDL nodes will be merged and provided as one 3D LUT. In QTake the look metadata shows up in a “LOOK” effect. For information about setup and use in QTake, please see the QTake manual.

For general information about setting up Livegrade with HD-SDI devices please refer to the article HD-SDI Setup for Livegrade.

Adding QTake as a Device

In order to receive look information from Livegrade Studio, the computers running Livegrade and QTake need to have a working network connection.

Once network is set up, launch Livegrade and you can proceed to add the QTake system as a device in device manager. In order to do that, you can choose “Slots” in the main menu and then “Add Device”. Alternatively, you can add the device through the Device Manager.

After that, a configuration window opens. By hitting “Refresh” you can search for QTake systems connected to your network. All QTake systems found will show up in the table view. Select the intended device and click “Add Device” to add the box to the selected slot.

You can also specify a custom IP address.

Setup in QTake

Here are a few starting points for the setup in the QTake system:

  • Make sure “QTAKE LUT server” is enabled in the QTake preferences.

Once a connection is made:

  • Load a “Look VFX” filter with the right channel.
  • Assign the “QTAKE LUT server” to the grading controls.

Please refer to the QTake documentation for further details.

Working with the QTake connection

In the main window, the connected QTake system is now displayed in the corresponding grading slot as a device icon.

After selecting the correct grading slot you will be able to adjust the look that is sent to the QTake system.

Checking Connection Status in the Device Manager

To learn more about the connection state of the QTake system, you can open the Device Manager by clicking on “Devices” above the Grading Slots view.

If connected properly the QTake system will show up as a “Device” row in the Device Manager with a green indicator confirming a positive connection status.